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working on typing here, but have to update my computer first. I am finding that computers are the least green of all those ‘green’ things that NEED to be green! Green seems to be a codeword for ‘oh this is okay’, but really, it’s a code word for – if I get this to this point, it’s just enough and it’s okay if I drop this off somewhere else other than the garbage collector. It’s not going to the garbage. Really? it’s not going direct! It’s still going! Someone might get your data in between times, although they’re ‘not supposed to’. What is up with the thinking that it’s okay to toss a computer? why are these things made to go extinct in such a short period? And so toxic at that? How many people really get by without a computer? I’m wondering if I really could at this point, doing research on topics that are important to my family even involves a computer at the library. Books are going more online. Universities are boasting entirely online libraries! I love paper, and will never get rid of my affinity for being able to hold a book and read it. Aren’t ebooks like a dormant version of a cell phone? agh! all these questions!


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this is the day I tried to figure out how to post here. Off to pick up my son and let my husband peruse the library himself for a change.   Leave a comment

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